Many law practices grow by traditional word-of-mouth, but it is tough to stay competitive if you don’t pay attention to the modern word-of-mouth — namely online reviews. According to a study, three-quarters of consumers say having online reviews sets a local business apart from its competitors. However, many businesses — including law firms — aren’t doing anything to gather new reviews. Less than 10% of consumers have been asked to write a review of a local business even though up to 65% are willing to do so if asked — provided they have had a positive experience.

Lawyers can be reluctant to ask clients for online reviews. It’s awkward, and may seem intrusive, but in today’s world of digital access to information, you need to move past these concerns. Clients, particularly those who grew up in the digital age, will be suspicious and disengaged if they can’t find any third-party testimonials online about your practice.

It helps to look at generating reviews for your firm as both a numbers game and a long-term proposition – but one that is more than worth it. Consider the following:

  • The conversion lift even a single review can provide your firm - a recent Bazaarvoice study showed that ONE positive online review can boost conversion by 10 percent. Every subsequent review boosts that rate even more

  • The long term financial value of a new legal client

Industry-specific review sites are particularly important in the legal field so you should consider creating or seeking out existing listings on the following review sites (and of course, Review Dash integrates with all of these sites):

While industry-specific sites play a big role in the legal field, the major review site listings like Google, Facebook, and Yelp are important as well. You may think you’ll never be able to land a client from a Yelp review, but every little bit of good reputation and exposure will help your cause, especially now that the search engines are relying much more on customer reviews and social proof.

Like it or not, we now live in the Age of the Consumer. In a few short years, online reviews will be the norm for all local businesses so get ahead of other law practices now. Review Dash can help your law practice:

  • Automate the process of asking and reminding your clients to leave reviews for you

  • Funnel positive reviews to the review sites that matter to you

  • Proactively manage the negative reviews

  • Show off your most positive reviews and increase your social proof