Welcome to the Review Dash User Guide!

When you purchase a subscription plan from us, we will do an initial setup of your business dashboard, but to truly get the most reviews for your business, you’ll want to go through and optimize your Dashboard according to your specific business. You’ll see that most items in the User Guide are optional, or don't require you to do anything, but you’ll want to be familiar with the platform to get the most banf for your buck.

If you're a new user, remember that you can’t log into your Dashboard until we’ve set it up for you and sent you an email letting you know that your account has been created. When you receive that email, click the link and enter the password of your choice to log in to your Dashboard.

The Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you manage everything in your account other than billing, adding new users, and adding new business locations (see "Billing Account" section below for how to manage these items).

You can choose which business you'd like to manage using the search bar. If you're only managing one business, you won't see anything but single but your single business business, you won't see anything but your single business in the search bar.


This is where you setup your business profile and customize the review funnel that all of your customers will see. We have already completed most these first steps for you but we include it here for your information.

Funnel > Links

Under the Funnel tab, on the left side under Links > Review Profile, click the "Connect a Location" button.

Follow the instructions in the popup window to find your business and auto-load your Review Site Links. Confirm the listings shown (check the correct ones and uncheck the incorrect ones) and then click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the window to load this profile.

If Your Business Was Found

If your business was found then you’ll see its information in your Review Profile on the left side of the screen.

Your Review Site Links appear below your business. You can reorder, delete, edit or add a new site link here.

IMPORTANT: In order to display your Yelp Review Link you will need to click the check mark icon next to the link to turn it green.

Yelp is the only site that this is set to “off” as the default. The reason is because Yelp’s Content Guidelines discourage you from showing the Yelp link on your website. We highly encourage you to turn it “on” but It is up to you to decide if you want to proactively do so. The vast majority of our clients choose to display the Yelp Review Link, and no one has had any issues. Besides, by using our site and service, you have already agreed that you are solely responsible for complying with any such third-party contracts.already agreed that you are solely responsible for complying with any such third-party contracts. The majority of our clients typically choose to display the Yelp Review Link and we have never heard of an issue with this, but again, the decision is entirely yours.

If Your Business Was NOT Found

If your business was not found on online review sites, a popup window will appear informing you of this. Click the “Continue” button in that window and after a moment the information you entered into the original “Connect a Location” window will appear in your Review Profile. All of these fields are editable. Be sure to fill them out as completely as possible.

If your business was not found, or if you want to add any additional review site links, just click the “Add a Link” button at the bottom of the “Your Review Site Links” section.

Review Monitoring URLs

IMPORTANT: Some review sites show your reviews on a page other than your main profile page. These sites include: Amazon, Avvo, BBB, Cars.com, Edmunds, Facebook, Google+, Houzz, Indeed, RepairPal, Trulia, Vitals, WeddingWire, Wellness, and Zillow.

To ensure that Review Monitoring (covered below in "Reviews") will work on these sites, first go to your profile page on the review site (Facebook, Amazon, etc.) and find and copy the URL of your review page. Next, go to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links. Click the pencil icon on the site link you’d like to modify.

Paste the monitoring URL in the box labeled “Review Monitoring URL (optional)”.

Click the “Submit” button to save your changes.


In the Notifications section, make sure that the email address is the one that you want notifications sent to, and feel free to add any additional email addresses here as well. Click the blue “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Beyond Reviews

In the Beyond Reviews section, if you’d like to encourage your customers to connect with your social media accounts then enter the links to those accounts here. Click the blue “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. We encourage our clients NOT to turn this on. Our advice is to keep the review funnel single focused on getting you reviews. There are plenty of other opportunities to get customers to connect to your social media.

Funnel > Content

Under Funnel on the left side near the top, click the Content tab.

We've set this up with our standard messaging for your industry, so you don't need to make any changes. However you are welcome to change any of these settings to customize the funnel's appearance. Remember to click the “Update Content” button at the bottom of the page to save changes and see how it will look.

Funnel > Setup

Under Funnel on the left side near the top, click the Setup tab.

You aren't required to change anything here if you don't want to - your Review Funnel will work just fine with the default settings.

However we highly recommend that you add your logo so your customers can recognize your brand

You can also change your Review Funnel Layout if you'd like. Click the “Change” button to see your options.

We highly the recommend STARS funnel as it makes the most sense for 95% of our clients. Remember to click the “Update Setup” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes and see how the Review Funnel will look.


This is where you can access a variety of tools to help you get more customer reviews.

Widgets > Landing Page Widget

We don't think it's important to do so, but you can display the landing page widget on your own website. just copy the “Embed code” and paste it into the <body> html on any page on your website.

Remember that you can edit how this page looks in the Funnel section of your Dashboard.

Widgets > Email Signature Snippet

Highlight then copy and paste this content into your email signature to create a review-funnel with every email you send. This is perfect for staff members who constantly interact with customers via email.

Widgets > QR Code

This QR code links directly to your Review Funnel. You can save this image and add it to any marketing piece like business cards, brochures, waiting room material, etc.

Widgets > "Review us" Button

When clicked, this button will open up a window that contains your Review Funnel. Click the button on your Widgets page to see how it will look.

To display this button on your own website, copy the “Embed code” and paste it anywhere within the <body> html on any page on your website.

Remember that you can edit how this content looks in the Funnel section of your Dashboard.


This is where you manage the review invitations that you send to your customers.

All plans include email invites. SMS text invites (phone text messages) are optional depending on the plan you signed up for. If you don’t see this option in your Invites Dashboard, you can upgrade your plan by logging into your Billing Account.

Set Up

The first time you click on the Invites tab you will be prompted to enter the sender information for your emails.

After entering your information, click the "Continue Email Setup" button to save your changes..

Invites > Recipients

Individual Invites

To create an individual invite for a customer, click the “+ Add a Recipient” button on the right and follow the instructions in the popup window.

For the invite type, email is selected by default. If you'd like to send an SMS text instead, just click that button.

When you click the “Add Recipient” button in the popup window, the invite will be queued up in the “Pending” tab, ready for you to “Activate” and send it.

Bulk Invites

To create bulk invites for a list of customers, click the “Upload CSV” button on the right and follow the instructions in the popup window. Click the sample link to download the CSV template.

When you click the “upload” button in the popup window, the invites will be queued up in the “Pending” tab, ready for you to “Activate” and send them.

IMPORTANT: When you upload a bulk list, if both an email address and phone number are provided for a given customer, email will be used.

The Recipient List

The Recipient list shows which of your invitations are "Pending", "Active" or "Inactive".

Pending Tab: Customers in the “Pending” tab have not been sent a review invitation yet. You may choose to turn on or off “Auto-activate pending recipients”.

When you set this to “Yes”, our system will automatically send invites to your customers without you having to do it manually. Most users prefer this, but you can set it to “No” if you’d like more control over activations.

You may also click the “Activate all pending recipients” button to activate the entire group, or click the checkmark in the “Edit” column to activate the invitations manually. You may need to refresh your browser window to see these options.


Active Tab: Customers in the “Active” tab are in the process of receiving emails (text invites are sent out as soon as they are activated).

You can toggle the green checkbox in the “Edit” column off to stop sending them emails (if for example you know they’ve written a review already).

Customers in the “Inactive” tab have already been sent all emails and/or SMS text messages.

Activity Tab: Use the “Activity” tab to see what actions your recipients have taken with your emails, including whether they've opened, clicked, or unsubscribed. This information is shown in the "Activity" column.

Note that you can choose to automatically deactivate recipients by toggling "Deactivate recipients on open/click" to "Yes". We recommend you keep the default - only deactivate recipients on click.

Invites > Email

Here you can edit the contents of your email review invitations and send yourself a test to see how they look.

By default, the system is set to send out three emails over the course of a week to maximize the likelihood of your customers giving you reviews. Click on the different titles of the emails in the “Email Drip Campaign” column to edit each individual email. We highly recommend your you use the 3 email default drip to increase the likelihood of receiving reviews

You can edit the body content of these emails to suit your business, and also edit when they are sent, as well as the “From name” and “Reply-to” email address. Be sure to add your name or your business name in the “From name” field. LESS is more here. Be as brief and succinct as possible to increase the likelihood of users reading and responding positively to these review requests.

IMPORTANT: Set the “Reply-to” email address as the address you receive emails at. It’s very rare that customers hit reply and write an email to you, but it’s important that you get the email when this does occur.

Click the “Send a Test” button to send yourself a test email.

Invites > Phone/SMS

On this tab you can edit the contents of your SMS text review invitations and send yourself a test to see how they will look.

IMPORTANT: When you upload a bulk customer list, if both an email address and phone number are provided for a given customer, email will be used. If you want texts to be sent instead of emails then do not include customer emails on the list.

Invites > Invite & Opt-In Forms

Invite Form

Instead of giving staff members full access to your Review Dash Dashboard, this password-protected form allows your staff to upload emails and SMS phone numbers into the system.

Simply copy the URL that is shown in blue, send it to your staff, and have them open it in any web browser. They can create invites directly from this form without having access to the rest of your account.

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of the form on this page you will see the Invite Form Settings section showing the username and password required to access this form. Your staff will need these credentials to login. You can change the username and password for this form here as well, just click the "Save Invite Form" button after.


All plans include Review Monitoring & Streaming, this is where your reviews will appear.

Reviews > All Reviews

The All Reviews tab shows all your reviews the system picks up. Remember, you'll have to first connect the correct reviews sites under the Funnel Tab.

In the “Status” column you can click the “Share” button to post a review to your Facebook or Twitter account (info on where to set these links up below). You can click on the “Respond” button to be taken to the review site and publicly respond to the review.

In the "Status" column you can also click the "SET STATUS" text (directly under the "Respond" button) in order to log an internal note about the review

In the "Stream" column you can click the checkbox on or off to show or hide any review in your Review Stream widget. You can also click the pencil icon to edit a review.

IMPORTANT: It is a violation of our Terms of Service to alter an user content, review, or testimonial beyond basic spelling or grammatical corrections.

Click the “+ Add a Review Manually” button on the right to add a customer’s testimonial to the stream.

Click the “Upload CSV” button on the right to manually add multiple customer testimonials at one time.

Reviews > Review Stream

The Review Stream embed code allows you to show the reviews of your choice on your own website

To display your Review Stream on your own website, copy the “Embed Code” and paste it anywhere within the <body> html on any page on your website.If you don't have a developer available to do this for you, our staff can do this for $75 per hour. Our staff should be able to comlete this within an hour (there is a 1 hour minumum charge)

Reviews > Settings

Review Alerts

In this section you can update and add email addresses that review notifications should be sent to. You can also adjust alert settings to only send you alerts for reviews below a certain star rating, or to not send you alerts at all.

Be sure to click the “Save Alert Settings” button to update your changes.

Stream Defaults

Here you can adjust the automated settings for which reviews appear in your Review Stream. Be sure to click the “Save Stream Settings” button to update your changes.

To display your Review Stream on your own website, copy the “Review Stream Embed Code” from the "Review Stream" tab and paste it anywhere within the <body> html on any page on your website.

Social Media

In this section you can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it easy to share your reviews with your fans and followers.

In the “Review Stream Auto-Sharing” section you can even automate new review sharing on your social platforms. Be sure to click the “Save Social Settings” button to update your changes.


Under this tab, you can generate and automate comprehensive reports in this section.

Generate A Report

To create a report, click the “+ Generate a Report” button, choose the display settings you desire in the popup window, then click the “Generate Report” button. It may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours for the system to generate your report, all depending on how much information needs to be found and imported into our reporting engine.

Once you've created a report it will appear in your reports list. Under the "Links" column you can click the PDF button to download a PDF of the report, or click the "WEB" button ​to view it in your browser window.

Schedule A Report

To schedule a report to run automatically, click the “+ Schedule a Report” button. This will create a new tab in your Reporting dashboard called “Schedule”. Click on the "Schedule" tab.

In this section you can customize the settings for this report, including how often the report will be run, the timeframe that the report will cover, who will receive the report via email, and the content of the email in which the report is sent. Be sure to click the “Update Settings” button on the lower left to save your changes.

Multi-Business Location Management

There are two types of structures for multi-location businesses: chains and independent locations. When you add new locations, you can let us know which is your preference.

Independent Locations

Business locations that are not grouped under a chain are treated completely separately. You can access any individual location from the search bar in the upper left of your Dashboard. Other than the fact that you can manage these locations in a single account, they are entirely unrelated. 


Business chains use a parent-child relationship wherein each location is a “child” that falls under the “parent” chain. There are a number of benefits to organizing different locations of the same business within a chain in your Dashboard.

Multi-location layouts in your review funnel are designed so your customer chooses which location they went to before they are taken to the next step in the funnel (rating their particular location). This has multiple benefits:

 You can upload all of your customer contact information for your entire organization in one step on the parent Invite page. This is much more efficient than uploading your information separately in each location’s Invite page.

 Customers learn about your other locations by seeing their names (or locations if you choose the “Locations map” layout).

To change your Review Funnel layout for your chain, select your “Index page type” of your choice from the “Links” tab on your parent landing page. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of this section to save your changes.

You can change the review funnel layout for the child pages in the “Setup” tab of the parent page.

Managing your businesses under a chain allows you to create Reports for any combination of your locations, even including all of them so that you can see how your chain is performing as a whole. To choose which locations you want to include, go to Reports, click the "+ Generate a Report" button, click the box to “Include select profiles?” and then choose which locations you want to include.

You can also choose which location profiles to include when scheduling an automated report.

Customer Privacy and Security

Review Dash is dedicated to protecting your and your customers' information. Our system is extremely secure and private. 

Privacy & Security

Hosted and Delivered Over HTTPS

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) provides authentication of the website and associated web server that a user communicates with. HTTPS also provides two-way encryption of communications between a client and server, which helps protects against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication.

In practice this provides a reasonable guarantee that a user is communicating with precisely the website that she or he intended to communicate with (as opposed to an imposter), as well as ensuring that the contents of communications between the user and site cannot be read or forged by any third party.

Data Encryption

We take the safety and security of your personal information extremely seriously. When you enter sensitive information (for example, login credentials or payment information) we encrypt the transmission of this information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. HTTPS works with SSL to transport your data safely. SSL uses an encryption algorithm to disguise the data and ensure the security of your information.

Data Center Storage

All data within your Review Dash account is stored in secure data centers that utilize electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Access is authorized strictly on a "least privileged" (need to know) basis.

Review Dash Will Never Sell or Share Your Data

Review Dash doesn't sell or share your or your customers' information with anyone. Ever.

HIPAA Compliance

Users with Premium plans enjoy HIPAA compliant 256-bit SSL encryption for all communications. We take all the necessary measures to ensure appropriate protection of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Review Dash will provide a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to paying users with Premium plans upon request. Simply contact us to request it.

Billing Account

Your Billing Account is where you manage billing, adding new users, and adding new business locations.

Updating or Changing Billing Information

Updating your billing information is easy. Simply log in to your billing account, select the "Subscriptions" tab (on the lower left), click the "Update" link (on the right), then enter your updated credit card information on the following screen. Be sure to click the "Update Credit Card" button to save your information.

Upgrading Your Plan

If you have a single location plan and want to add features to it, you can upgrade your plan by first logging into your Billing Account, and choose your new plan. The system will automatically prorate your payment amount to reflect any changes in monthly pricing according to the day of the month you originally signed up for service.

If you need to upgrade a multi-location plan to a plan with different features, contact us.

Changing Your Passwords

In order to provide increased security, Review Dash separates your Billing Account from your Dashboard. Your Billing Account is where your billing information is kept and where you can update it. Your Dashboard is where you do all the things that Review Dash was built for.

Your billing account and Dashboard each have a separate password. You can change these passwords at any time, but note that for security purposes if you change your password in one it will not automatically change in the other.

Changing Your Billing Account Password

Log in to your billing account and click the "Change Password" link at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password of your choice.

Changing Your Dashboard Password

Log in to your Dashboard. From the "My Account" menu select "Change Password". Here you can enter and confirm a new password of your choice.

Canceling Your Account

To cancel your account, log in to your Billing Account, select the "Subscriptions" tab, click the "Cancel" link (on the right), then click the "Yes" button in the pop-up window to confirm the cancellation.

When you cancel your account you will no longer be charged, however all of the information in your Dashboard will be automatically deleted.

There are no pro-rated refunds for days you have already paid for but not used, so it is in your best interest to wait until the day before your next scheduled billing date to cancel. To check when your next billing date is, login to your Billing Account and click the "Subscriptions" tab. Your next billing date is shown in the "Subscription" column.